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About us

about us

The FIP (Family Impact Program) is designed for parents and adolescents to restructure their current lifestyle. By attending our program, you will learn to begin the changes needed to build a new relationship and create a cohesive family unit. We are excited to offer a new program that integrates psycho educational group therapy. The program’s special blend, gives the family much needed support and guidance to a new positive change. The program consists of one intensive day which will provide your family with the skills and tools to establish a solid foundation that can be built on.

We combine the unique advantages of an intensive program customized for families with hardships. This provides an atmosphere to create long-term solutions for families in desperate straits. With the fusion of our experienced staff consisting of licensed counselors, therapists, coaches and instructors our programs are specifically designed for your family’s success.

Regain control of your family unit with our one day intensive course. We empower you to take control with hard work and commitment. Only YOU can do the work, we can’t do it for you. It won’t be easy and it will be a daily commitment. We give you a lot of information in one day and you will implement these changes when you go home. It’s the only way the course will help you. Everyone has to commit to the program a 100% for it to work. The booklet you take home will give you a reference guide to follow through on all you have learned. The reward at the end is amazing!! You will have a loving family who enjoys working hard and playing together for a common goal. This program can give you a new lease on life. Lower your stress, regain your sanity, and possibly save a family members life!