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Our Mission


Family Impact Program (FIP)
Guided by relentless focus we constantly strive to provide families with the foundation and structure needed to create and maintain a healthy family unit.

In doing this, we will deliver excellence, focusing on exceeding our commitments to the families we serve. FIP believes that with the appropriate intervention, knowledge, skills, and modifications you can successfully redirect negatives thoughts and behaviors. Structure, Consistency, and Following Through are paramount to the success of each and every family that participates. Our sole mission is to bring together and help rebuild troubled families, seeking to heal the wounds created by misunderstanding due to lack of structure and guidance in their homes. We gauge our success by the success of our families. Our program is specifically molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every one of our staff members.

Involving the whole family is extremely important. A parent’s responsibility to their children is to foster positive self-esteem. All adults in their lives also need to help them make positive relationships within their school and community. Give clear boundaries to your children so that it is clearly known what is expected and acceptable. Show children there are positive and negative consequences that are a direct result of their own choices, behaviors and actions. Children learn how to positively contribute to the family and other groups in the community.